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Pieces Equip'Auto

Bp. 407, Libreville
Pieces Equip'Auto is a leading automotive parts and accessories business based in Gabon. Founded in 1995, the company has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of automotive parts and accessori...
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SPIE Ogs Gabon

Bp. 579, Port-Gentil
As an international subsidiary of the SPIE group specializing in the energy sector, SPIE Oil & Gas Services has been working at the heart of energy production infrastructures for several decades, desi...
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Bp. 699, Port-Gentil
PIZOLUB is a Gabonese company that specializes in lubricants and associated products. Founded in 2009, the company has grown steadily over the years and is now one of the leading lubricant suppliers i...
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The Hive

Z.I Oloumi, Libreville
The Hive is a design office that provides you with the support you need to support your construction projects. whether you are an individual or a company, we are at your disposal.
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